Watchguard SSL VPN Client Installation

To connect to the VPN you can follow the steps below. Once you're connected you will
be able to access resources while off-site.

Watchguard VPN with SSL Setup

  • Download the Watchguard VPN client (Mobile VPN with SSL *version* for
  • Open the client installation and click Next on all windows
  • Check “Create a desktop icon” and click Next then Install
  • Click Finish

Watchguard VPN Configuration

  • After the installation the Watchguard Mobile VPN with SSL will open.  If it doesn't open, double-click on the Mobile VPN with SSL Client on your desktop.
  • Type for the server address and your network credentials (same as you use
    to log into your PC) then click Connect.
  • Click Yes to the certificate warning
  • You will be prompted for a password (only the first time you connect).  Enter the same password you used above to connect and click OK
  • You will notice the Watchguard icon near the clock is green showing you are now
    connected and can access your network resources.

In case the link above doesn’t work for you: